casa wabi

Casa Wabi is an artist residency located on the coast of Oaxaca.  Its built by Tadao Ando, a self taught architect and its one of the most magical places I have ever experienced. The structure has a wall that splits the ocean from the mountains that is 312 meters (which is almost a quarter of a mile). Pictures don't really do this place justice, you have to experience it to feel the magic, but these pictures will do for now. 

The concept of Casa Wabi comes from the japanese concept "WABI SABI" meaning beauty in the imperfect. Its a concept that deeply resonates with me. I love that the broken parts in life are the treasures. 

I visited Casa Wabi in 2015 and felt something truly powerful there. My gut said, I'd be back. I had no idea it would be for my wedding. Through a  series of serendipitous events I ended up meeting the owner of Casa Wabi here in Brooklyn right after I got engaged. So I asked her about a wedding at the property. Turns out, typically its not a wedding venue. ours was the first on the property (outside of the owners family), but I think the owner felt my connection to the property and the state of Oaxaca.

I'll share pics of the wedding but I wanted to first show pictures of the property. these photos are by sofia gonzalez noriega.