CZH + OZMA: a beautiful collaboration

A couple of months ago, we had the opportunity to collaborate on a limited edition silk scarf with our friends over at OZMA of California as a part of their Sisterhood Bandana series where 100% of profits are donated to non-profit organizations. We chose to donate the profits of our collaboration to Souls Grown Deep, which you may have read about here.

There is such an incredible power in seeing friends creating a new way of working, who have found concrete ways to integrate their values into what they do. We are huge fans of OZMA, are so inspired by the community of artists, activists and incredible women that they highlight on their journal and we are honored that we get to be part of this series. 

Caroline's signature block print style draws inspiration from the natural world, the pattern used on this scarf inspired by the shadows cast by dune fences zigzagging the rugged shores of New England. Each oversized bandana is screen printed by hand on 100% silk and serves as a beautiful reminder of how the most simple talismans can be markers of our own individuality. A timeless canvas for self-expression; fundamentally utilitarian and infinitely adaptable, the bandana is a symbol that spans generation, place, and culture.

As a part of our collab, Caroline was interviewed on their journal (read the full story here!) and spoke about how her new journey into motherhood is shaping her visions for the future of the biz, what home means to her, and her unique process of designing. We hope that you'll check it out!

See more of from OZMA here and follow them on Insta here. Photos by Emily Hlaváč Green.
Our OZMA x Caroline Z Hurley Limited Edition Bandana can be found here. All profits will be donated to Souls Grown Deep, a foundation dedicated to promoting the work of African American artists from the south