CZH x Schumacher

For the past year I have been quietly working on a collection of fabrics with Schumacher and we have officially launched! The collection is inspired by my favorite place on earth Chilmark, Mass (otherwise known as Martha's Vineyard). Each Fabric is named after a specific spot on the the island. The Vineyard has brought immense peace to me; going there has always felt like a return home. I was born and raised in The South so it really doesn't make sense, but matters of the heart tend to not make sense.

As part of the collection we included 4 block-printed fabrics all made in New Bedford with our Artisans. It has been a labor of love getting our little factory geared up for making loads more fabric, but so much fun! 

So! We will now have sheer, chenille and embroidered fabric AND Wallpaper!! All brand-spankin new!  Pics below are of our block-printed fabrics made exclusively for Schumacher, view the full collection here.