Dinner with Dan Pelosi (grossypelosi)!

Dan Pelosi is the man behind the brand grossypelosi which you have undoubtedly seen somewhere in your instagram feed over the past year or two. during the pandemic he said goodbye to his day job and started focusing exclusively on his passion which is cooking the coziest yummiest food you ever did taste!

Dan and I attended RISD together. we met at a dance party, he with milk in one hand and a cupcake in the other and me with an embroidery project I was trying to finish on my lap. we've been friends ever since.  recently we spent the day together cooking one of my all time favorite recipes of his, pasta fagoli. you feel like you're getting a real bear hug while eating it which is exactly the way dan's food makes you feel!

You can find the full recipe here (full PDF included!) and follow dan on instagram here.

Photos by Savannah Lauren