Introducing: the CZH House Dress

We have been wanting to make a dress for a long time, to translate the care and attention we put into our pillows and throws into a garment. In Feng Shui, the things that sit closest to you have the most impact on your daily life. It's our belief in this concept that guides the decision making for each of our products. It's why we use natural fibers and why we block print our fabrics by hand. We believe that you can feel the care and craftsmanship in every inch of the fabric. So when we were deciding what the dress would look like (and more importantly how it would make you feel) we returned to the concept of home. 

The concept of a "House Dress" arose in the late nineteenth century. It was a simple dress made out of an easily laundered fabric and meant for casual settings - running errands, household chores and the like. You know that feeling of coming home and changing into your pjs? Yeah, this is what out house dress is all about.  So while our house dress is made out of linen (and in our opinion will truly get better with each wash) its not meant JUST for being at home. This house dress is so named because it should help you carry your home with you. It is designed to do what our throws do- to ground you, to help you feel comfortable and cozy. We made a house dress that makes you feel good in your home so that you can feel good in the world.

We've translated the K'un pattern from these throws into this House Dress; it seemed fitting as the pattern was based on the I Ching. The colors are a prelude to spring, keeping us going as we enter the depths of winter. 

Also, we'd like to say how fortunate we feel to be able to try new things with CZH, its part of what makes being a small business fun. The other side of that is we make our decisions in a way that makes the most of the physical materials we have and the risks we can take with our inventory. For instance, we designed this dress to have minimal waste. It is made up of four rectangular panels, that once cut and sewn represent the full width of the fabric. The OS (one size) sizing reflects the dimensions of this fabric. We're planning on doing a shoot with more bodies in the dresses to show you how they look on a range of body types, but please, please get in touch with us if you'd like us to start a pre-order for different sizes. We would love to make some if you are all interested. 

Thanks for your support!  We hope you love the House Dress as much as we do.  Available for pre-order now in Poppy, Natural & Black.