in conversation: jamie krywicki wilson

One of our favorite parts of our “In Conversation” series is being able to meet and share the stories of women who inspire us. Jamie Krywicki is one of these women. We were drawn to the clarity of her vision and her dedication to bringing that vision to life. After an early career at a larger design firm, she has set out on her own, ready to leave a beautiful and thoughtful mark on the world. With a calm and layered aesthetic, Krywicki Interior Design inspires us to create with longevity. In her own words she is, “creating spaces that touch on the past, exist in the present, and gravitate towards the future.”

What do you love most about your home? what does it mean to you?
I swear every few months the answer to this changes. We bought our home 9 years ago, lived it in for 5, I dreamed up a renovation/addition for ‘fun’ for 2 years and then, when we were about to have our second child, went all in. Gutted it, added on, and made it what we wanted it to be. So, I would say deep down, the thing I love most about our home is that it is the one thing that shows the hard work we put into ourselves and our jobs, to make a dream of ours (well maybe more mine haha) a reality. It’s not a mansion at 2600SF, but it’s been the only home we’ve ever owned, the place we’ve raised 2 kids (and another on the way), and I’m proud of what it shows for completing it before I was 30.
What are you most proud of as a designer?
When I was working for a large firm right out of school a lot of the projects I designed for them started wining industry design awards, and it was frustrating because my name wasn’t on them, the firm’s was. So when I went out on my own, I told myself that I would finally feel like I ‘made’ it when I could win one of those under my own name and have a design in a magazine. This past year I did that, winning not 1 but 2 and getting a project of mine published. I hope that it’s just the start of getting my name out there and working with more great clients who believe in my vision.

How do you want your spaces to feel? What do you do to convey this feeling?
Since I started my business, my mission statement if you will, has always been to create spaces that make you want to there be there, eat there, sleep there, be seen there; to create beautiful and comfortable spaces that touch on the past, exist in the present and gravitate towards the future. I think a home for instance, should feel welcoming, where you and any guests that walk through the front door feel at home and never want to leave. I try to create this feeling by layering different textures and materials, almost like you layer a bed with multiple layers or layer a 5 tier cake. I think the more visual and physical layers, the more comfortable and well thought a space feels. I also love blending styles and popping in antiques or found objects and furniture to give the spaces I design a lived in, but refined feel. That modern classic look that I think a lot of people are looking for these days.
What routine or ritual has helped you feel grounded this year?
I’m such a routine based person, I guess it’s the type A in me, but I think the only way for me to feel like I have my act together and feel ready to tackle each day is waking up at 4:30am (I know nuts), working out at the local studio gym that has such an amazing community of women, drinking my coffee in peace in my living room, and answering emails before the hustle of my day with two little ones and a business begins. It is so evident if my day doesn’t start that way, everyone knows, and I’m not the best person, business owner, boss, mom or wife I can be. So bring on the 4:30 alarm clock and 3pm coffee pick-me-up😊


Quick Fire!!
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Big Party or Small Gathering?
Small Gathering
Form or Function?
Both, I think I’m supposed to say that as an interior designer. Form.
Textures or Patterns
Pen or Pencil?
Mountains or Beach
Roses or Tulips?
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Photography by Ali Harper Photography, Morgan Beatton Photography, and Jamie Krywicki.