In Conversation: Julia Miller

Sometimes you design a fabric and have a good idea of how it will be used. Other times, you stumble onto an installation that makes you pause because it feels like the fabric has taken on another life, that it was used in a way that you could have never dreamed. That was the case with Julia Miller's design using our Tiasquam print. Using it as a layered curtain/headboard situation took the pattern to a new dimension. In the bedroom she designed, the print ripples into rich horizontal stripes. Though, it really should be no surprise, because Julia Miller designs serene spaces; layered with muted tones, warm touches, and natural elements. Her spaces are modern, but always have a sense that they have been around for a while, ready to be lived in and loved. Check out some of her work below and the insights she shared about her practice. Thank you, Julia!

What’s the guiding principle to the spaces you design?
Ah, I love this question! We have many guiding principles but the top principle is all about listening to what the client wants out of their space and listening to the house itself. I know it sounds crazy to 'listen to the house' but so many of the homes that we work in have a history or amazing architecture and that informs so much of our design direction. If the house is more builder grade or lacks personality, we see it as our job to infuse a little bit of age and character into the home. 

What are you most proud of as a designer?
I think I'm most proud of creating spaces that people truly love. I know it sounds obvious, but having a home that enhances people's lives and makes them happy brings me the greatest joy. During COVID so many of us have realized the importance of our homes and I think that being able to create spaces that are restorative and functional makes our work as designers so worth it!

How have you gotten better at what you do?
As our firm has grown I committed to hiring staff that are better than me! I am constantly surrounded by intensely creative, kind and talented women which has encouraged me to hone not only our design work but our process, too.  As a team we are able to push our creativity and balance out our work and it's been such a joy to see how our projects have evolved over time. 
What routine or ritual has helped you feel grounded this year?
What a year! I committed to running more frequently which has been a lifelong love and something that clears my mind and clarifies my thoughts.  I find that running also helps me with the creative process too as I'm often inspired by nature or moments in the city. 


Quick Fire!!
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Big Party or Small Gathering?
small gathering
Form or Function?
can I say both?! If I had to choose, form
Textures or Patterns
Textures all day
Pen or Pencil?
PENCIL no question!
Mountains or Beach
Roses or Tulips?
Julia used Caroline's painting "returning home" in her studio and our Tiasquam Fabric in Teak in this master bedroom she designed.
See more of J Miller Interior's work here and follow along with them on instagram here.
Photography by Amanda Marie Interior, find her work here or follow on instagram here.