in conversation - Raelyn Capozzi

When we started 2020, one of our main goals was to create community! to use our red hook studio and host more classes! lectures! panels! That was not something we were able to do, but we really want to continue growing and learning with our community. This new series "in conversation" is aimed at understanding how interior designers we admire think about creating spaces, what gets them excited, and celebrating their work. 

First up, we have Raelyn Capozzi of West End Interiors. When she posted a photo of a room she designed with our Overlapping Dashes fabric, we had to catch our breath. We love how she mixes materials and textures, creating really warm rooms that feels timeless. Read below to get to know her and her process! Thanks, Raelyn!

How does your home affect the way you interact with the world beyond your doors?
I believe a home that reflects your style and needs is necessary to start each day grounded. We all know what it feels like to have a disheveled space and how it can really effect your mood. When your home (or office!)  life isn’t balanced and comfortable it reflects in my daily productivity and attitude.

What sources of inspiration do you look to when you are creating spaces in your home?
Instagram and Pinterest is a huge part of our inspiration stage of designing. There are so many great details out there and I love saving them all and sorting them out into our designs, putting our spin on it, and creating something new and unique for our clients. Watching interiors shift from a stark white and greys, to designers incorporating different materials and colors has been something fun to watch unfold the past couple of years. It’s like were all yearning for more authenticity in our homes, which can come from something as little as a pillow handmade by your favorite shop. We often find inspiration in small items and details, rather than full interior shots. 

What’s the guiding principle to the spaces you design?
It’s very important to me for each project to feel lived in and timeless. We’ve worked with almost every style out there, and there is always a way to make things feel aged and comfortable. I think when fixtures or furnishings match too much, or everything is brand new the space has a hard time coming to life.
I also think it’s important to invest in pieces that will last a lifetime. It’s not only financially smarter in the long run, but it’s also more environmentally friendly to invest in quality vs. items you will have to replace every few years. In some cases we think of the next homeowner as well. If a space is well done and thoughtful, it can be appreciated by everyone.
What are you most proud of as a designer?
I really value the relationships that I’ve built with my clients. When you start out it’s not a clear path on how to get there. We tread a fine line of professional, friend, and therapist. You have to find a sweet spot that balances all three.
I know how important home is to everyone. It’s so rewarding to receive notes on how the client uses and loves their space. I’ve received family Christmas cards, home made goodies made in new kitchens, and many photos of clients making memories in their new spaces.
What are some conversations or trains of thought that you keep coming back to recently?
I keep thinking about how the meaning of home has changed so much in the past year. I think about how important it is for us to love the spaces that we live in. Not only from an aesthetic standpoint, but a functional standpoint too. A lot of families have had huge shifts in the past year, and their home has had to adapt with them. It’s like your home is a living breathing thing that changes with time. It’s important to take care of it, and make sure that it makes you feel safe and comfortable. 


Quick Fire!
Toast or Eggs? 
Um, both please
Big Party or Small Gathering?
Small gathering
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Roses or Tulips?
See more of West End Interior's work here and follow along with them on instagram here.
Photography by RCM Photo and Video