Mama's Day

my mom used to say mother's day was every day and I used to stare at her blankly wondering what the hell she meant. i get it now.

so much of the work of being a mother for me has been the quiet stuff behind the scenes: making the holidays magical and memorable, getting all the snacks + diapers + milk + extra clothes ready when we're leaving the house, the forever laundry pile that always needs tending, the mid-night wake ups where one or both babies want mama to hug them. motherhood is a constant never ending beautiful responsibility and yet, even after all the work is done, i never feel like i can truly treat myself. do you feel me? maybe it's in my bloodline or just what I know, but I have the hardest time doing things just for me. and even weirder is that i think i may have forgotten what i like to do that's just* for me? there's so much there, but just the simple recognition of mother's day is like a little landing strip – time when i can remind myself to recharge my soul and my body. cheers to all the mamas and mama figures and mama motherer's out there. so thankful for the everyday spaces you create.

speaking of, here are my fave indulgences:

marie veronique - I am really into everything but I use these daily and have been for almost 10 years now! oh and this is a must for my skin daily as well.

a day at aire spa - water is everything to me, and if I can't make it to aire there is nothing better than a hot bath with epsom salt

a really long slow yoga class at home on yoga glo with stephanie snyder or if I can manage to make it work a class with sophie greene

an in home treatment with my fave acupuncturist

a healing session with my guy charles bishop in new zealand - I have been doing facetime sessions with charles for about 10 years now. he's the absolute best. he works with chakra energy and I feel incredibly light and full of clarity after a session.

a facial with carrie lindsey - this lady is the real deal. trust me. if you want to get a great facial with an amazing face massage ring her up!