Natasha Garrett

Natasha is the mastermind behind Roam Vintage the online vintage store that you no doubt have stumbled upon if you are into new old things! She carefully hand picks gems from all over the world and brings them to you in hopes that you will bring new life into pieces with a story of their own.

xx Caroline


Caroline Z Hurley: can you tell us a little bit about where you grew up and your background and how you came to start Roam Vintage?

Natasha Garrett: I grew up in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. I was essentially raised in flea markets and antique shops. My Mom is a super creative and thrifty person has always loved decorating our various homes with vintage finds. 

I started Roam Vintage at a time when I was really disenchanted with the fashion industry that I had been working in as a wardrobe stylist for years. I’d always been an avid collector of vintage and when I realized that I might actually be able to make a career for myself selling it I made the jump and haven’t looked back. 

It took a few years to build it to the level that it’s at now but the journey has been pretty amazing (although at times completely frustrating and exhausting).

CZH: so curious about how you find all these amazing pieces. I love everything. I am sure you are always on the hunt but can you talk a little bit about your process for collecting everything?

NG: Thanks so much! You’re right - I am always on the hunt. Everywhere I travel, I make time to go visit local flea markets and artisan shops. It’s one of my favorite ways to connect with an area - through meeting local vendors to discovering what unique finds each place I go has to offer. 

I like to be open minded when I’m sourcing. Sometimes I have pieces in mind that I’d like to find but the real thrill for me is happening upon something I didn’t even know I was looking for. I have a general aesthetic that I look out for - wearable, well-made vintage from the 1970s and earlier. However, I like to keep my mind open. I tend to gravitate towards earthy tones and natural fibers because those are what inspire me the most.

Natasha looking through her vintage pieces 

CZH: Have you ever had a physical store and does that interest you at all? 

NG: Last year I opened up a showroom which I have now moved on from. It was such an exciting experience for me and I learned a lot from it. The showroom was open by appointment and for special events. I like that model over a traditional retail store as I feel like it provides more flexibility and the opportunity for more intimate shopping experiences.  

I am sure that I will open another showroom in the near future but I’m giving myself some time to figure out exactly where I want that to be!

CZH: Can you tell us about what it's like living in California?

NG: I feel so grateful to have been born and raised in California. It’s such a vast and beautiful state and I’m endlessly inspired by it- the landscapes, the laid-back nature, the music, the food. I don’t think I’ll ever stop finding new things to love about living here. 

CZH: Can you tell us a little bit about the aesthetic of the interior of your home? Does it feel like your wardrobe? Or are they two different things in your mind?

NG: My home and my wardrobe are definitely of the same aesthetic. Like my gravitation to natural fibers in clothing I am pulled towards natural materials, shapes and textures in my home. My home is filled with warm woods and earth tones and an every growing collection of plants. I also love sourcing vintage and antique home goods, so there are plenty of flea market finds all over my house.

Natasha measures a vintage blouse with our Yucatan Pink Throw

CZH: We love home at CZH and love to hear about rituals. Do you have anything you do every day in your home? (Or outside of your home is also interesting!

Every morning, when I wake up, I light incense and turn on the kettle right away. I typically don’t check my phone for the first hour of the day, if I can avoid it. I waiver between a brief morning meditation, journal writing, or stretching but I always make ample time to cuddle with my dog, Cowboy. 

In the evenings I light candles and take an Epsom salt bath. I like to listen to relaxing music or a good podcast while I soak. Baths are such an important and effective way for me to unwind and decompress from the day. Recently, I set up an app lock on my phone so I can’t use any apps after 10pm. Setting up this boundary with myself to limit screen time before bed has been really helpful for my mental well-being and has allowed me to further relax into a good night’s sleep.

CZH: Is anything upcoming that you're excited about or what to share?

I’m excited about getting on the road this summer and unplugging a bit in order to fill my cup up. The last few years have been really heavy emotionally for us all and have definitely lead to me personally being in a bit of a creative funk. I know from experience that the best remedy for that is to get out of my head and on the road. Changing my scenery can instantly change my mood and get me back into a space of gratitude and of creative flow.


Thanks so much to Natasha for sharing a glimpse of her process and life with us! You can follow Natasha on Instagram here and Roam Vintage here.