New Classics

The first ideas about this collection came about when I was looking at Bauhaus designs. There is a simplicity of shapes and structure that is at the heart of all our CZH prints; it's a principle that is echoed in the works of some of our favorite Bauhaus trained artists and designers (like Anni Albers and Gunta Stölzl!). At the heart, the Bauhaus was interested in marrying the artistic hand with mass production and in finding beauty in new modes of making.

At CZH we have an alphabet of about 22 shapes we use in our hand printing factory in New Bedford. I’ve always loved that limitation. That boundary helps me to be more creative. We wanted this first, CZH exclusive collection of digitally printed fabrics and wallpapers to be an extension of the vocabulary that we use for our hand block printed fabrics. What can digitally printing let us do that would be difficult with hand printing? How creative could I get with just one shape? Could I create new shapes from just one? What spatial decisions could I make that would create something totally fresh using the same vocabulary? These were the questions we posed that are answered in our new designs. They are reinventions of classics – our own overlapping dashes pattern, a playful plaid, field tiles– and because of their simplicity and directness, they create a very calm and serene feeling in your home. We can’t wait to see how you use them!

xx Caroline

 Beginning Friday 3/25, shop our latest fabric collection. Featuring 8 new fabric by the yard designs and 4 new wallcoverings; we are so excited to get these into your hands and homes.