Positivity through a Pandemic

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Here are some of my favorite small businesses that are doing their best to get your online orders out the door - many of these guys are also offering discounts and donating a portion of proceeds to the crisis. Its so important to keep spending so that these people don't close their doors.
(warm home goods)
(linen menswear)
(swim suits)
(organic undies)
(colorful textiles)
(cozy sweaters)
(patterned home goods)
(cool rugs)
(organic skin care)
(resource for skin care and treatments)
(sustainable toilet paper)
(beautiful jewelry)

I’ve always believed darkness is essential to growth – pain forces a reckoning, an awakening, a rattle to your core. I know from personal experience. My darkest times always lead to deeper, richer happiness. But this crisis is foreign and not like anything I’ve felt before. It’s global heartbreak. It’s war. And, perhaps for the first time in history, we all have a common enemy. 

So I feel there’s an opportunity here. When else in history have we all gone through the same thing at the same time? I remember Hurricane Sandy and the new communities that emerged during the recovery. Everyone pitched in to help each other. It wasn’t mayhem, it was a kind of peace. There’s a chance to do something similar on a global scale. 

Disasters derail the rhythm of regular life. And in the disruption is a silver lining. While we self-isolate, time is sort of frozen. We have the space to focus on things that feel impossible in normal life. We can spend more time with family. We can be creative. 

We can learn. We can think. 

Without minimizing what’s going on, we want to help you see the positive here. Our goal at CZH is to help everyone feel grounded. And that’s more important than ever. So here’s a list of things that can keep you connected:

Positivity from the chaos

The venice canals are now clear (and swans! And Dolphins!)

China’s air is clean

The greatest time to be alive

money is just energy so keep it flowing!

purchase gift certificates to POPPY’s Brooklyn so that they can stay afloat while they are closed

call your local restaurants to see if they are providing take out (a lot still are) and if they aren’t they lead you to ways to help.

place orders online for small companies that make things sustainably and with so much care. Here are some of my faves.

Did you know there is a rad guy who delivers avocados to your house? Text him! (347) 703 -7181


connect virtually

some yoga classes and meditation classes are still happening online – sign up! Here too!

Take time to check in with your loved ones as much as you can. I know my mom and dad look so forward to our facetime calls

Google hang outs over dinner?

A whole host of great resources for mind, body & entertaining small people 


Stay creative

Some of the greatest inventions of all time happened during economic down turns so let’s turn our panic into creativity, so draw, write, paint, cook, make things with your hands!

Send handwritten letters to people who may be suffering more than others. 

For parents I highly suggest following here for the best kids activities I have ever seen. This is also a great resource. 

And here too for some fun ideas for how to keep your kids immune systems in tip top shape with nutrition.

Cook with @grossypelosi

Oh and here for anyone in need of a virtual dance party