Quickie through the Yucatan

I have been wanting to explore the Yucatan for a while now, so I jumped on a last minute flight to do just that! I flew to Cancun, drove south to Playa Del Carmen, then Tulum, then back up to Merida. so much more to see but not bad for a 4 day trip, me thinks!

Top city: surprisingly was Playa Del Carmen, but I am a sucker for cities that aren't quite put together.  Really loved walking around the local neighborhoods and markets there.

Top beach: obviously Tulum, those beaches simply can not be beat, but the scene is a little too much for moi!

Best place for ice cream: Merida! I was sadly only in Merida for a couple hours so I don't have many pics or much else to report besides the very delicious sweet treat I got there. typical.. I must say I did love mix of tropical vibes with a colonial feel, was a very nice mix of the two. 

Playa Del Carmen: