RUGS! CZH x Thayer Design Studio

I met Meredith the owner of Thayer design studio at a Trade Show and I had a feeling we'd be working together in some capacity someday.  Fast forward 2.5 years later we're launching our first official collaboration! Meredith and Thayer Design Studio are super special for a multitude of reasons. One of which is that her company is linked to a factory that produces rugs right here in America. What I love about her production style is when you place your rug order online we'll make it fresh for you right then and there. How amazing and rare is that?! 

We took a tour of Thayer Design's factory a while back. We've been swinging through for the last couple of years to drop off all of our excess linen scraps - thats how we made our recycled linen rugs. I am super excited about these guys!