Studio Favorites: November

Hello friends!

Around here, we are taking stock of what we do, how we do it and most importantly why we believe in our work. At our core, we want to ground and connect so that together we live our best, most authentic lives. In service of this mission: a few things that are helping us tap into what our bodies are asking for, a few picks to feed our creativity, and some reads to enrich our minds. Stay cozy!

xx Team CZH 


1. Obsessed with Amy Chaplin’s new book called Whole Food Cooking Every Day. I just got back from a 6 day fast (I will tell you guys about that later) and now I am super careful with everything I put in my body - gonna try to stick to just fruits, veggies, and grains this month. YUP! Zero sugar or packaged products, folks!  Her recipes are so easy and fun + really creative. I made the black sesame cake with almond four - very much recommend!

2. This jumpsuit from Alex Mill.  I have been wearing it to death before the temperatures change.

3. Really into moon juice’s new magnesium drink. Helps to get me sleepy and in bed by 10pm! YES, I NEED THAT MUCH SLEEP EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!

4. Because our soil and water has been stripped of natural minerals I am told the most impactful thing we can take every day are these drops. The woman who told me this was 82 and looked 50 so I am gonna trust her…

5. You guys may all think I am crazy but I purchased the biomat which is an infrared heated mat filled with amethyst and tourmaline crystals (queue rolling eyes here). I know, it’s so wooo wooo, but I love it. I do all my morning meditations on the mat and it takes me so much deeper. 


1. I saw a lovely exhibit about textile designer Vera Neumann at Museum of Art and Design called Vera Paints a Scarf, and I left so inspired by her use of color and her whimsical designs.

2. If your Thanksgivings are anything like mine were growing up, the dessert table was always stuffed with more than enough treats, but may I suggest one more delicious and super easy treat for the spread? I made these brown butter rice crispy treats for my husband’s birthday recently (he doesn’t like cake?!) and dare I say they were even better than the childhood treat I had memories of? I think we may have even started a new tradition in place of birthday cake -- birthday crispy treat tower.

3.  I’ve loved Mater Soap for a few years now, but recently bought one of Mater’s Agave Cloths. It’s made of agave (of course!) which is a rapidly renewable resource and is produced in community farms in Mexico with fair trade, organic and sustainable practices. The fibers are manually extracted, hand spun and hand woven in a high standard and living wage work environment. Couldn’t love the production process more, and the product itself is  great too. I loved watching it shrink up upon first use, so fun! Best part about this all is: You can check them out in person this weekend at the Holiday Sale we are hosting. Hope to see you there!


1. As we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, we just get to take a holiday! Woop! We’re heading up to The Berkshires and I’m excited to finally stay at this gem, stop here for lunch, visit this mind-blowing space and be in nature for a few days. 

2. Excited to try out Grove for all my household essentials. All their products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They use reusable containers, sell cleaning concentrates that can be diluted with water and carbon offset all their shipments. Bonus - they pack  in paper (none of that infuriating bubble wrap which is impossible to recycle).

3. Remembering my favourite quote, ‘everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end’.