Team Reflections 2022

Where We've Been – 

In the spirit of personally defining moments from this past year, and taking the space to note them with yourself or loved ones, read on for a round-up of reflections from the women who make up our our small but mighty team <3




These past few months, I decided to actually invest in my own practice of self-care. I have never prioritized taking care of myself (always putting my kids / work / partner / family / everything else first) but when I started getting back pain over the summer I was forced to listen. I am trying to spend more time and energy on the things that fill my cup whether that's making time for yoga, trying to squeeze in a green juice here and there or meeting up with a friend for a weekly walk in the countryside. It's not always easy (I'm unlearning 38 years worth of work!) but when I falter I think about how being consistent with myself will help me be more consistent with others. It's early days but so far it feels good :) 




For me, this year conjures a body memory of both surprise and support . A crippling parent health scare, an unresolved sickness, apparent instability....But also, wildly kismet encounters, a comforting return to more movement, new and small but not inconsequential routines. In a way, I never expected the trying times to feel so easeful or possible – a sense that it really would be okay in the end. I'm grateful for all of my seen and unseen anchors.  




I think of the song Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Enaudi. The current times we are living, makes life feel just like a glimpse. You shut your eyes to sleep every night and fast forward a million things happened. Time feels ephemeral. As of 2022 I embarked on this journey of having more meaningful moments and shutting off chaos. Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Enaudi would sometimes pop up in my spotify and it always brought me to a peaceful memory of my brother playing the piano back home. The feeling of warmth and harmony would make me feel ok, just there, present. When I find myself in chaos I turn on this song and as the pace slows down my breath I am more aware of how I feel, making me be in the present moment. I somehow relate Cy Twombly 's paintings to this feeling and song. His paintings full of scribbles and random black strokes reminds me of the chaos which tends to mellow and seem less protagonistic when looking at the pastel tones and details — these I find harmonious. 




In a word, 2022 was all about time: how much do I have left of it? how present am I for it? how can I make the most of every minute? We added a beautiful baby boy to our family this summer, and at the same time lost the matriarch of the family I married into. It is a strange and beautiful experience to birth a new life while another is fading out. The truest embodiment of the circle of life. It heightens your awareness of time and puts your entire life into perspective. This year I became more aware of how precious each moment with my children is – it is arguably the greatest gift to us both – to move through life with nothing but love and gratitude. I'll treasure it forever.




Adding another family member to the hurley/crane clan has been quite a big change – time has never felt so precious. I want to pause moments to enjoy these baby years and also fast forward to the part where I get more sleep! Everyone always says to enjoy the years when your children are small because they go by so fast and I believe them but I've been craving long extended solo time in the studio where I can just create without limits of time or responsibility.  Recently I saw this fabric book by Louise Bourgeois and it got me thinking about creating more portable works of art. How inspiring to be able to work on something that doesn't require me to be too far from my girls. 





How would you describe your 2022 if it were a: color, feelingtoneword, memorysense, an album