The Hibiscus / Patchwork Collection


This collection began as I was embarking on motherhood for the first time and I held a deep desire to feel supported by the earth beneath me. I wanted this collection to be richer, deeper in tone - more grounded and less airy than what we had previously created. So we incorporated complex colors with deep undertones and a more painterly floral print with more earthy and clay based hues. 


The flower that we incorporated for the collection was modeled after the hibiscus flower my mom had in our backyard growing up, which she planted to remind herself of her days when she and my father lived in the Bahamas before they had children. Maybe that’s what I was trying to memorialize and didn’t know it - motherhood was impending and these days before the baby needed to be remembered in my own little way. 

The patchwork design is reminiscent of the stitched paintings I make. While I was pregnant with my first child I began painting more and more so the new woven fabric collection and the paintings became very intertwined.  As I pieced together vintage and hand dyed fabrics and stretched them across wooden frames I was also stretching at the seems growing a little baby.


  Axel Vervoordt, Susan Frecon and Earth Ochres were among the artists & inspiration I turned to. When getting inspiration their tones, hues, and earthy textures gave a better direction to where these collections were eventually looking to become. Grounding. 

 I hope you like these as much as we do! They will make your home the coziest. 

xx Caroline