Things I am learning

Our aim at CZH is to inspire you to create your best most grounded home so that you can become your most adventurous and courageous self.

I truly believe that when your home is clear of clutter and makes you feel grounded and cozy, life makes a lot of sense. Things naturally flow to you without effort. Turns out this concept is centuries old and its called Feng Shui. 

I am currently learning about this ancient science and it really feels right to me.

I've begun experimenting with some of the techniques in my home (and friends' homes). Here are some of the first basic principles of Feng Shui. 


Clearing clutter is the MOST important component of Feng Shui. I suggest you donate things to a charity you care about. In order for Feng Shui to work at all you must make physical space for fresh energy to flow.  

Where in your life are things feelings stuck? career? love life? family? USUALLY (not always) the place in your life that has any type of drawer that you shove things in, or corner where you store things that you don't know what to do with correlates with where you are stuck in your life. So get cracking on clearing out the things. Holding on to physical things keeps you stuck in the past, and who wants that!?

Use White

In Feng Shui, white symbolizes creativity and new beginnings. White breathes new life into any room in your home. I suggest starting with your bedroom.


The front door is the entry point for all energy to the home so its very important that it works. This includes your apartment door and also the door to your building. Make sure its easy to find you. Does your door have a buzzer? Is it clear which buzzer is yours? In order for the energy of your house to flow its important to let the energy in! 


burning sage is highly effective in the home because it removes negative and stuck energy. I suggest tacking this on to your cleaning routine. I sage every room and every corner of my house once a week. Sage is truly magic.