What we're into right now at CZH

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking in studio about where we are heading, planning further out and getting excited about whats to come. We might not have all the answers yet, but what we do know is that we want CZH to feel even cozier than it did before. And that means sharing more about whats happening behind the scenes with the people that make this whole thing possible (you!). We are really proud of what this little team accomplishes in studio, but above all we love that we each gets to lead rich lives thanks in large part to your support. So here’s what we’ve been into this week; we hope you find something that nurtures you!

xx Team CZH



Things I am into right now:

1. I am completely obsessed with Feng Shui. My favorite book on the basics of feng shui is this one:. Karen (the author) is pretty major in my life right now. And on that note: Also really into the cool vibes of Meghan Wallace James, who is doing the most modern take on Feng Shui right now. On that topic, I am giving FREE consults right now to gain experience. Email us if you are ready to take your soul to the next lev.

2. This probiotic is magical, I never skip a day.

3. Alexis Smart flower remedies. I took this for a month and I swear everything in my life made so much sense. Found out I loved Feng Shui and got certified as a consultant.

4. Marie Veronique and Kristina Holey’s barrier lipid complex is the best moisture I have ever put on my face. It’s perfect for the fall and winter. Really quenches my skin’s thirst! (and I have oily skin so I only use a tiny drop mixed with  this HydroSoul water spray. ALSO Kristina has a new line of products out! Haven’t tried them yet, but she is by far my favorite skin care guru!



This week I’ve mostly been:

1. Humbled by how little I know about which actions (both collective & personal) have the greatest impact on our planet. Take this fun(!) CNN quiz to find out how much you know. 

2. Loving this epic Fatboy Slim Greta Thunberg remix - HOW DARE YOU?!

3. Feeling SO lucky to be a tiny part of the warmest, coziest Brooklyn design community. Especially these special Red Hook friends & neighbours people (Fort Standard, Ladies & Gentleman Studio, Cofield, Pat Kim, Harold). If you don’t know these amazing makers, check them out! Buy their beauteous goods! Here’s to many more Thursday night hangs at my favourite bar in NYC :-)



1. I've been wondering how I had never heard of this beautiful collection of dresses before! I'm delighting in the details of theses pieces and they are serving up some real inspiration for my own wardrobe and clothes-making practice. They remind me that theres a real beauty in slowing way down and taking care of each thing we own...also, their homepage really feels like one incredible mood board. 

2. I'm embracing the changing seasons with more cozy dinners at home. As the temperatures drop, I'm using this Sate Oil recipe to bring some heat to some clean, vegetable-based meals! 

3. Painter Sarah Crowner has collaborated with choreographer Jessica Lang to design the costumes and sets for a piece at American Ballet Theatre's The New Romantics program. I don't know much about ballet, but I think I'm gonna snag a ticket so I can learn a little more!