Francisco Stairstep Rug
Francisco Stairstep Rug
Francisco Stairstep Rug
Francisco Stairstep Rug

Francisco Stairstep Rug

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This light weight hand woven rug is inspired by Antigua, Guatemala. It is hand-spun, hand dyed cotton and manufactured by a man named Francisco who lives in the hills of Guatemala. After absorbing the culture, quality and color of the magical town of Antigua, Caroline came back to her Brooklyn studio and created a collection based on her trip. This rug has an airy, fresh quality and will bring life into a room. Francisco specializes in the ikat technique of weaving, where each thread is dyed individually and then woven into the rug to create a blurred effect. Because of this, each rug is one of a kind. 


  • 4 ft  x 6 ft including tassels
  • 100% cotton
  • made in Guatemala

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