in conversation with Danielle Epstein


I'll never forget the first time I stepped foot into the newest, coolest bar in Brooklyn back in 2010 called Manhattan Inn designed by Home Studios.  The space had an amazing mix of vintage and modern blended together in the most authentic way. Little did I know at the time that the people who designed that memorable space would be buyers of my products many years later. What I love about Home Studios is the way they fill each project with so much consideration. They mix custom furniture and built-ins with rare and beautiful pieces effortlessly. Its always a thrill to spot our fabrics in their projects. I hope you enjoy reading more about this very special firm!

xx Caroline

 What’s the guiding principle to the spaces you design?

At Home Studios we approach all projects with the guiding principal of emotional connection - connection with forms or materials, with individuals sharing the space, with pieces of furniture that resonate, or maybe with the past or the future. Whether it be a restaurant or private residence, there is a story to be told and we're working to create architectural narratives that bring the story forward and make it inhabitable. We are omnivores when it comes to inspiration and like to be specific where it matters and general when that's needed. 

For me personally I've started to think about this idea of emotional connection as it pertains to all of the individuals who work hard to make a project become a reality. We collaborate with various consultants, builders, millworkers, artists, and vendors etc - each of these worlds come together and that combination of individual collective energy contributes so much to the end product. It's important for me to think of each party and the element they are contributing as a thread and a guiding principle for me is making sure that we're doing our part to make sure each thread can come together to tell the larger story. If often seems to comes down to editing what goes into a space so that each contributor or each element can get the time and attention that they need. 

 What are you most proud of as a designer?

I never thought I would be at a studio for this long and I feel so proud of the relationships I've had the fortune to develop along the way.  Working so closely with Oliver and Ellen for almost ten years to build what Home Studios is today has taken a lot of dedication, patience, trust, and consistency on everyone's part and I love that we've shared that experience. It feels really precious that my voice is heard and that I get to share a vision with colleagues for whom I have so much respect and admiration. We also have an amazing Design Director - Karina - who I also include in that group of people I'm proud to share my brain with. 

In terms of design itself, we're currently working on cataloguing all of the custom lighting and some millwork pieces we've designed, developed and produced over the last 10 years and I am preemptively proud of that. 

How have you gotten better at what you do?

Something I've gotten much better at letting go and trusting the massively talented team we have at the studio to run with ideas and make decisions. We have an extremely collaborative and collective approach to the work (i'm also very proud of that!) and I am inspired by watching the Home Studios ethos of solving design questions evolve as our team grows and changes throughout the years. 

What routine or ritual has helped you feel grounded this year?

I don't really do much in the way of routine these days. The last few years have thrown so much change at us that I think this year I've just been embracing the nature of uncertainty and letting myself float a bit. Having said that, the things I'm most consistent about are getting enough sleep, drinking a lot of water, stretching, and marijuana.  As far as rituals go, I've found that meditation is very foundational for me, especially when I have the opportunity to practice in a group.  


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