While our babies are young and not in school yet, we decided to take this year to go on a grand adventure. Our first stop was to Mexico (you can read more about our time and recs, here). Next up: Miami.

I grew up in Memphis, TN and we found ourselves driving (quite frequently) to Florida. I have such strong memories of waking up in the car after a long nap and smelling salty ocean air and getting a tiny butterfly feeling in my belly. We always went to a town called Seaside which, at the time, was just one street of homes; now it's a full on town!

I say this because when my family spends time in Miami I find myself feeling the same excited belly when we get close to the ocean there. The warm breeze and the strong sun make me feel cozy.

We spent 4 weeks in Miami this past winter, and 5 weeks the winter before. Yes, we are sun chasers.  Miami feels full of potential. It's a tropical jungle oasis AND a metropolis — it feels like you get the best of all worlds in some ways. We spent time on the bay side and actually never stepped foot in south beach (which is decidedly not my cup of tea). There is so much new happening in Miami these days and it was fun to feel a part of it all for a while. Below, you’ll find my Miami must do’s.

Let us know your experience if you end up visiting – hope you enjoy!


Miami nature play school: I enrolled my 2 year old in a  jungle farm preschool, it sounds like paradise and it is. Classes are all outdoors (Penny literally never got sick) and june could come and participate too. I loved this place so much. The teachers are so warm and actually helped me with my “deeply feeling” child a lot. 

La Natural: the best pizza I’ve had in a long time and the atmosphere is pretty too. 

Fiortitos: our favorite argentinian food! a must try if you are a meat eater!

The Lighthouse Beach in Key Biscayne: this place is adorable and great for littles because the water is clear blue and shallow. We went in the early mornings to avoid the crowds and we ended up having the entire beach to ourselves from 8-11am perfect for us!

PEEL: our friends created the cutest little biz, its called peel and they make soft serve yogurt from bananas and its bananas! its SOOO tasty! and great snack for little ones!

El Bagel: our friend opened up the most amazing bagel shop

two super cool galleries to check out are nina johnson and kdr305. really great artists at both!

our favorite weekend farmers market was in legion park which has the most beautiful trees i've ever seen. community yoga every saturday too!

our favorite neighborhood was morningside because it has an amazing park inside the hood that has water access so you can take a kayak out to the bay from the park! super fun for kids.