We are doing this

I am an introvert by nature. My energy is completely depleted after a day of being around people. I have one best friend. I don’t like groups. My favorite activities are things I can do alone: walking through the city, yoga, cooking, painting. I used to have so much shame about this part of myself, but I have really given into it. Maybe its getting older or maybe its being married, but I can no longer be anything other than myself these days.  I’ve been cooking congee most nights and going to bed early and waking up early to do a longer mediation (switching between this kundalini mantra and just listening to stephen halpern sound currents for deep mediation).

Part of the reason I have been extra introverted recently is because big change is coming. For so long I have kept my painting practice private. My last painting studio was 35 minutes by car from my CZH office space, and I really loved it. No one came to me, no one even knew where I was. It was a safe haven where I could be alone and paint and think. I used to spend 30 minutes lying on the ground of the studio before I did anything, I realized now I was grounding myself and allowing the work to flow through me, but it took having that private space for me to be able to trust myself, but now that I do I am ready. I am ready to combine all the parts of myself into one space.

So, for the first time CZH and the painting studio will be under the same roof. It’s a big change but its one that my gut has been telling me must be done. We have paired down our team to 3 (including myself) and we are renovating a 3100 sq ft space specific to my needs. We will have 4 areas: my painting studio, a meditation area, an office area and inventory & fulfillment area.

I divided the space so that in Feng Shui all of our corners and baguas are very activated, nothing will be stagnant. I cannot wait to share it with everyone. And I am so excited to open up even more about my paintings and have my art as the foundation for the business. So here goes!