Earth Ochres and Rich Textures



It’s almost  that time of the year where the weather cools down, the trees start shedding, the sun is out and we walk feeling a thrill of the changing seasons. A counterpoint to the liveliness of spring and summer, the cooler months give us a time to return inwards, settling into new routines and a sense of calm. 

For our deep fall fabric collection, we looked at artists and themesthat reflect richer and more grounded colors and textures. Suzan Frecon, Alex Vervoordt and Earth Ochres were among the selection as they truly capture the atmosphere of the forthcoming collection. Read more below! 

Axel Vervoordt 

You may recognize his work, even if this is your first time hearing his name because Axel Vervoordt's most well known project was the home of Kanye and Kim Kardashian. And while that house is filled with mostly neutrals, Vervoordt has a strength in use of color, complementing earthy colors with impeccably patinaed antiques. The spaces he designs truly feel timeless, with new and old intermingling. This type of continuity is what we are building into our collection of fabrics with our newest launch. We are hoping to take a page from Vervoordt's book with introduction of fabrics textures, in colors that feel timeless.

Read more here: "Wabi Inspirations", by Axel Vervoordt ; "Living with Light" by Axel Vervoordt

Earth Ochres

Color has a way of conveying meaning and emotion and we have been heavily influenced by these rich deep earth tones. When we speak about feeling grounded, feeling stable and balanced, these earth ochres come to mind.  All color has a history, beyond simply the way it has been used, but also the way that color is produced as a material. Some earliest pigments humans used -reds, browns and yellows- really are grounded, they come from the earth itself, from the dirt under our feet. 

Read more here: "The Secret Lives of Color", by Kassia St. Clair "Book of Earth: A Guide to Ochre, Pigment, and Raw Color" by Heidi Gustafson


Susan Frecon

Suzan Frecon

Suzan Frecon's work is a consistent inspiration at CZH. She is attuned to both the color and the materiality of her paint, using both to express a great sense of gravitas. Even in small scale works, she conveys a sense of monumentality and weight through carefully attuned shapes. In an artist talk, she once said that she spends weeks finding the shape she wants to paint, and carefully calibrating her colors to find the perfect relationship between parts. Its this attention to small details that is so inspiring to us, and that we hope speaks to our work.

Read more here: "Suzan Frecon: paper", published by David Zwirner, Lawrence Markey ; "Suzan Frecon: oil paintings and sun", published by David Zwirner Books