See ya Bushwick, hellloooo Greenpoint

I've been searching for the past two and a half months for the perfect new studio and it came in the form of a storefront.

I found this gem at 155 Freeman street in Greepoint - literally fell right in my lap. I walked into the space and immediately knew it was mine. Life is so easy when you trust your body to lead you to the right place. Bushwick was the sweetest, I'll miss speaking Spanish to all my neighbours but its time to do something bigger. I have big plans for the space and am excited to see where it will take me and my company. I will be documenting the process of the renovation of the space herah.

so, this is where I came from in Bushwick:

and this is where I am moving to (not sure if I've ever looked nerdier):

Raf being a champ as usual:

Mapping out where I want the shelves and desk. I decided I want dramatic shelving so I can stack thicker textiles in one pile and use larger ceramics too (don't worry Imma paint that vent at the top):

Building custom shelves for the storage closet:

Mapping out where to place signage: