Spring is here!

We designed our SS20 collection “Horizons,” after I returned from a trip to California. While out there, I was struck by the view of a bright blue sky beyond a blanket of wildflowers. The horizon is universal, it is recognizable the world over. But this time, looking at the poppies’ pale petals and black eyes, I saw it in a completely new way. At the core, we wanted to translate this view of the horizon: earth and sky, weightlessness and grounding. The Horizon collection is comprised of expanses of airy color, punctuated by moments of weight and darkness. It is about creating a home that uplifts you, but allows you moments of repose. And for us, it's also about the stories behind the collection, because we really do want you to understand why and how these products are being made. 

So! That being said, let’s get into it :)

This year is about making fewer things if we need to, but ensuring they feel authentic to the world we are trying to create and live in. An important part of how we design is making sure that the end product feels connected to the people that made them...in other words, that they remind you of the person on the other side. We started working with a wonderful team in India for our new quilts and we were blown away by the quality of hand stitching when we received our first samples. We loved the subtle variations inherent to the hand stitching and the wabi-sabi vibe. We’re lucky to work with incredible artisans whose skills we want to amplify and highlight. So, we rethought the design, simplifying the piecing to better emphasize the handwork of this piece.

We also wanted to look at how this piece would fit into our collection and our own homes. We really felt that these quilts, that have a bit more weight to them, would really fill the need we were seeing ourselves (it can get cold in NYC apartments!). We also wanted something that could be layered or used in various ways as seasons change. Because it has a split color front and a dark backside, the Horizon quilt transforms as you fold or unfold it on the bed, highlighting the light colors or dark colors. It is important to us to design products that can change and fit in with your life as you change and grow, and that will last and age beautifully. 

That’s also part of the reason that we designed a wall hanger to fit our crib quilts. We want to build in as many ways as we can to extend the life of the textiles we make. Each quilt really is a work of art, and we wanted to make sure that they can still be enjoyed in that way even after a little one has moved into a different bed.

This season also brings three new colored throws- Daybreak, Poppy, and Fog. It’s the first time that we have not used natural linen as a part of our collection. As we reflected on where we are heading and the feedback we received about our K’un Rust throw from the fall (it’s great as a scarf!), we wanted this collection to capture a spirit of lightness and ease.

So, as with life, we’re still learning and changing. And we really appreciate that running and being part of a small business gives us opportunities to grow as people. Always reevaluating, always shifting, but keeping our eyes on our core beliefs.